Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop the killing

Just want to share these pictures which I took at Semporna's wet market 2 months back.

Last week Sabah state Tourism Minister Datuk Masidi hopes to ban shark finning in the stae. How will this pan out ? Sipadan Island, the world famous Sabah Island have had many divers coming to witness the spectacular wall and it's marine life.

However shark finning is still happening daily in this small coastal town off Sabah.

Well demand is there, supply is there; hope the state government will be able to make an example to the region and creates awareness on shark finning.

Please do your part to stop this cruel killing, finning the shark for it's only for it's fin is CRUEL !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mola Mola aka Ocean Sunfish

The above short video was taken last year, it was my 6th years affairs with this mysterious fish. My 1st encounter was last year. It was a journey that had been filled with excitements as well as near escape from death. This is my second year seeing ..

Nusa Penida's Crystal Bay, the dive site that is world famous for the ocean sunfish's yearly visit had claimed a few lives as well as alarmed a few about life's preciousness. Nonetheless this is a sweet pursuit.

For me it is a journey of self discovery ! Knowing your limits and follow the rules, live another day for the next experience.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Derawan / Sangalaki

Recently a group of friends from Bangkok and me went for a mini expedition to Derawan , Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua. I consider this place mecca for Asia diving .. non stinging jellyfish lake, manta cleaning station, wall dive, channel dive and turtle hatchery. This destination is truly the destination of Asia diving at it's best !

Derawan being the main administrative island in the region is very wel organise in terms of it's village and also connectivity via public boat transfer; the island also have a clinic, primary and secondary school.

Sangalaki island is a turtle hatchery location for a local NGO and use to be the base for Sangalaki Dive Lodge which is now ceased by the local government. Sangalaki island is the manta cleaning station and also turtle heaven.

Kakaban Island, the one of 2 unique lake that houses the non stinging jellyfish lake in the world, is a another heaven for wall dive besides the jellyfish lake.

Maratua island is a horse shoe shape island; and house a beautiful lagoon. Diving here is all about drift and current. When the tide is moving, that is when the action starts and the show begins ! Pelagics come to find food ...

All in this destination is truly a mecca for all divers alike ..

for more information on this exotic and unique experience contact us Myth Asia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

more pictures from Canon compact

ok more pictures form my Lembeh trips last month at Lembeh Hills Resort with a group of nice people from the meetup group.

frogfish ..

flamboyant cuttlefish ..

deadly blue ring octopus

diving in black sands, muck can be so much more fun with lotsa surprises !!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

part II of compact uw photograhpy

I just came back from Lembeh and Manado. Had some macro shots to share

this is arrowhead crab .. and it's about 2cm in size, I was using macro mode and had to go a little close.

this hermit was not shy at all .... use normal mode with flash ..

this was a big porcelain crab so didn't really need to go real close up ...

try using the macro mode with a uw torch rather then camera flash ! it work magic ...

until the next round I'll upload more shots, meanwhile wishing you and Happy Rabbit year !!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pictures by compact camera

Here I am going to start a series of collections which I took during my diving trips and my 'stubbornness' in using a compact camera over a DSLR. Just want to share with you what point and shoot can do ... I use only a Canon Ixus870 with an underwater torch; Illuminox which is a focus light, so my subjects are all macro/close up subjects ..

the light is really focus on ... hence creating a black background.

this boxer crab, we were at Lembeh in less then 5 m depth with surge .. so I manage to snap only 3 lucky shots !!

the baby frog fish is really difficult to shoot as it more then macro .. so I can't go really close up

I love this orangy anemone .. soft and I put the camera really close !

One of the problem I am having is the light, which is very good for macro/ close up subject, for anything bigger the lights are not wide enough.

I will try to upload more every week, stay with me. Or may be share with me your experience with compacts point and shoot !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Here's wishing you a Happy 2011, may the year ahead brings abundance in life.

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